The easy and secure way to create, maintain and distribute your price lists.

Still using a spreadsheet to manage your price lists?

Using a spreadsheet for price lists is tedious, time-consuming and prone to error.

SecurePriceList gives you an intuitive dashboard to let you manage all aspects of your Price Lists.  

  • Control which customers see what products and at what prices.  
  • Add, delete or change items easily for a single customer, multiple or globally for all.  
  • Make a mistake? 'Undo' changes at any time.  
  • Publish changes immediately or schedule them into the future.  
  • Automatic customer notifications and downloads.
  • Full timelines for internal review.  
  • And more!

Popular features to make price lists pain-free:

Easy Updates

Any change you make can apply to a single price list, multiple or all. Reduces errors and makes any kind of update simple, fast and accurate.


View changes to the price list before you publish it to your customers. Eliminates costly errors.

Automatic Notifications

Customers can be automatically notified via email any time you publish a change. Emails can include a personalized note from you, and an itemized list of the changes.

Adapts to You

Stick with a Master price list, or break down your products into multiple price lists to represent your different product lines.

Quick Start

Create a price list from scratch, clone an existing one, or upload a file to get started.


You define the columns on your price list, with full field validation to prevent errors. Even use calculated fields, with optional automatic rounding.

Explicit Assignment

Assign the right price lists to your customers. Never send the wrong price list again.

Security with Audit trail

You authorize who on your team can view or edit price lists. Changes are time and user stamped for security.

Complete Histories

Every price list keeps a history of every addition, deletion or change down to the field level.

Hidden fields

Each price list can have an unlimited number of hidden fields that your customers will never see. Great for internal notes or costs

Time Travel

View any price list at any point in time.. see changes from one version to the next, or even between two dates.

Scheduled Updates

Make your changes now, but schedule them to apply anytime in the future. They'll stay hidden until then. Even give customers advanced warning, automatically, by setting the number of days they require.

Price Increases/Decreases

Use our functions to handle across the board price increases; handles rounding, with full control of any exceptions you may have.

Promotion Control

Enables you to schedule price changes for specific periods. Great for holiday or seasonal sales. Even schedule automatic reminders days before the promotion ends.

Advance Notification

If you're obligated to inform your customers ahead of price changes, use this feature to automatically send notications with the required amount of advance notification.

Simple and straight-forward pricing:

(We're trying to make price list management easy, not hard)
$97 /mo
  • Unlimited price administrators
  • Unlimited customers
  • Unlimited price lists
  • Unlimited price notifications & messaging
  • Unlimited items

No risk 30 day trial. All Features. No credit card required.


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